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Protecting What it Means to be a True Conservative

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The Proservative® Group offers a revolutionary new, legally protected membership identity to those considering themselves to be "True Conservatives". All too often, we have conversation after conversation, some getting very emotional, about who is or isn't a "True Conservative". At the center of the problem is the lack of any central authority with the legal means to define what is or is not a "True Conservative". Consequently, we have those who are in favor of unrestricted legal abortion calling themselves a Conservative, for example, which for many who are PRO-Life and also consider themselves to be Conservatives, is an insult and a travesty. Our Conservative identity crisis has gone on for far too long and it is time for a clear, legal solution.

Enter The Proservative® Group

Proservative® is a trademarked membership term registered with the USPTO, Registration #3642238. Using this trademark, we are able to legally define what a Proservative® is, and as a consequence, can protect our identity and secure who is able to use our name. A Proservative® is defined as someone that has taken an oath to be legally bound to our Thirteen Core Proservative® Principles in both word and action.


These principles have been written into our Membership Terms, with no legal way to change them, locking in the meaning of a Proservative® for the life of the United States legal system. Calling yourself a Proservative® today will hold the same meaning as calling yourself a Proservative® 100+ years from now. If a Proservative® unfortunately decides to change his or her mind on a core Proservative® principle, for example support higher taxes, The Proservative® Group will exercise our legal trademark rights and revoke his or her membership in The Proservative® Group. If needed, we will also legally force this person to stop calling themselves a Proservative® in all public forms of communication. By legally removing those whose core principles differ from our group, legally prohibiting them from calling themselves a fellow Proservative®, the meaning of being a Proservative® is kept true to its core principles for our future generations to securely identify with and hold on to forever.

Join Today as a member in The Proservative® Group to enjoy a wealth of Membership Benefits in addition to the privilege of identifying as a Proservative®. Some of these benefits include exclusive access to post and comment on our bulletin boards to discuss and strengthen our core principles, access to our blog and weekly email newsletter to keep us informed of daily news stories that concern us, and participation in our PRO-Business Exchange to encourage Proservative®s to do business with fellow members, sharing and promoting the growth of our same core principles, and much more. We will continue to work tirelessly to secure price discounts for all Proservative®s on the products and services we use the most and that reflect our core princples.

Please visit our Contact Us page to submit any comments and/or questions you may have. You may also call us Toll-Free at 1-866-PRO-9919, Monday through Friday 8:00AM - 4:00PM PST. We're always open to new ideas and suggestions to help us grow The Proservative® Group and exercise and comminucate our core principles throughout this great nation and beyond.

We look forward to working with fellow Proservative®s supporting and defending our core principles, doing all that is necessary to protect the meaning of a Proservative® for generations to come.

Stand Together in Principle Today!

Proservative® Principles

A Proservative® is:

  • 1. PRO-Life
    Protecting the Life of the Unborn from the Moment of Conception
  • 2. PRO-Family
    The Family is the Cornerstone of American Society, Valued Above All Else
  • 3. PRO-Constitution
    Support, Defend Against All Enemies, Foreign and Domestic
  • 4. PRO-Second Amendment
    The Right to Keep and Bear Arms for Self-Defense
  • 5. PRO-Lower Taxes
    In Favor of Cutting and/or Eliminating Taxes Wherever Possible
  • 6. PRO-Limited Government
    Deriving Their Powers from the Consent of the Governed
  • 7. PRO-Strong National Defense
    Support Military, Protect Freedoms, Secure Borders
  • 8. PRO-States Rights
    States Authority Over All Matters Not in Article I of the U.S. Constitution
  • 9. PRO-Fiscal Discipline
    Require Governments to Maintain a Balanced Budget
  • 10. PRO-Free Markets
    Eliminate Burdensome Regulation or Control by Government or Monopolies
  • 11. PRO-School Choice
    Allow Parents to Choose How Best to Educate Their Child
  • 12. PRO-Property Rights
    Oppose Eminent Domain Abuses, Cut and/or End Property Taxes
  • 13. PRO-Sound Money
    Allow Competition in Currencies, Gold & Silver as Legal Tender