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Proservative® : A Life-Long Honor and Privilege

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To be a Proservative® is to stand up and be counted in solidarity with other Patriots who support and defend our Thirteen Core Proservative® Principles.

As a Proservative®, we have taken an oath to be legally bound to our Thirteen Core Proservative® Principles in both word and action. Our members take comfort in and feel secure with knowing that the meaning of being a Proservative® will never "change with the times" as, unfortunately, many other words people use to identify themselves have. Calling yourself a Proservative® today will hold the same meaning as calling yourself a Proservative® 100+ years from now. Together, we can build our organization and grow our membership in the Proservative® Group, confident that the meaning of being a Proservative® is kept true to its core principles for our future generations to securely identify with and hold on to forever.

Join Today to become a proud member in The Proservative® Group, open to all legal residents of the United States of America, currently 18 years of age or older (junior membership will be available soon), who take an oath to legally be bound to our Thirteen Core Proservative® Principles in word and action. In addition, all members must agree and adhere to our Membership Terms.

Membership Benefits

Founding Members Now Being Accepted
For the first 1776 members to signup and proudly call themselves a Proservative®, Founding Member status will be granted in accordance with our Membership Terms. In addition to receiving all of the membership benefits listed below, Founding Members will forever be acknowledged and admired as such in all current and future Proservative® literature, website content, and history of the Proservative® Group.

Our members enjoy a wealth of benefits in addition to the privilege of identifying as a Proservative®. These exclusive membership benefits are always expanding and currently include:
  • 24/7 legal protection of the Proservative® membership trademark, its meaning, and who is able to use it
  • Lifetime guarantee that a Proservative® will always be legally defined as someone supporting and defending our Thirteen Core Proservative® Principles in both word and action
  • Personalized membership card and certificate suitable for framing
  • Exclusive access to post and comment on news articles, blog entries, and bulletin boards featured on
  • Subscription to weekly email newsletter
  • 10GB personal email account (launch pending)
  • Eligibility of your children to apply for Proservative® "Future PRO-Leader" High-School and College Scholarships (launch pending)
  • 20% off your first purchase from our PRO-Shop (launch pending)
  • Free PRO-Business Exchange listing for other members to find and patronize your business (launch pending)
  • Invitations to Proservative® Group conferences, dinners, and other special events
  • Future exclusive member benefits, discounts, and special offers

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Proservative® Principles

A Proservative® is:

  • 1. PRO-Life
    Protecting the Life of the Unborn from the Moment of Conception
  • 2. PRO-Family
    The Family is the Cornerstone of American Society, Valued Above All Else
  • 3. PRO-Constitution
    Support, Defend Against All Enemies, Foreign and Domestic
  • 4. PRO-Second Amendment
    The Right to Keep and Bear Arms for Self-Defense
  • 5. PRO-Lower Taxes
    In Favor of Cutting and/or Eliminating Taxes Wherever Possible
  • 6. PRO-Limited Government
    Deriving Their Powers from the Consent of the Governed
  • 7. PRO-Strong National Defense
    Support Military, Protect Freedoms, Secure Borders
  • 8. PRO-States Rights
    States Authority Over All Matters Not in Article I of the U.S. Constitution
  • 9. PRO-Fiscal Discipline
    Require Governments to Maintain a Balanced Budget
  • 10. PRO-Free Markets
    Eliminate Burdensome Regulation or Control by Government or Monopolies
  • 11. PRO-School Choice
    Allow Parents to Choose How Best to Educate Their Child
  • 12. PRO-Property Rights
    Oppose Eminent Domain Abuses, Cut and/or End Property Taxes
  • 13. PRO-Sound Money
    Allow Competition in Currencies, Gold & Silver as Legal Tender