Principle: PRO-Constitution

California is at it again trying to deny its citizens their Constitutional rights. Elected officials in the Golden State have trampled on their citizens’ inalienable First Amendment rights in the guise of “public safety”, once again silencing any and all opposing voices that do not tow the “status quo” there. We stand together and fight with our California Patriots fighting this attempt to nullify the Bill of Rights, and to fully restore full Constitutional freedoms to that state.

National Review – Is there no end to the harm progressives will do our republic in the name of ‘social justice’? Forget the ludicrous #Calexit movement — why should a state bother seceding when it can simply nullify the portions of the Constitution it doesn’t like? A troubling trend is emerging: California is imposing its own vision of free speech, freedom of association, and freedom of the press on its citizens, and it’s daring the courts to stop it. The entire nation has of course watched as the city of Berkeley and the University of California, Berkeley ceded control over free speech to violent left-wing mobs. Both the city and the campus have placed the safety of rioters over the liberty of their conservative citizens, refusing to protect that liberty on the dubious grounds that someone might get hurt. Thus, city and school leaders have knowingly and intentionally granted a heckler’s veto to the far-left, in effect making the First Amendment a dead letter at one of the nation’s (and the world’s) most prominent universities. The rot extends far beyond Berkeley. Just this week, the California assembly’s judiciary committee voted overwhelmingly in favor of AB 569, a bill that would prohibit religious employers from enforcing entirely normal rules of Christian conduct on their employees. Thus, it would be illegal for Catholic schools to require that their employees choose life rather than get an abortion. Under the terms of the bill, employers can’t discriminate on the (extraordinarily broad, nebulous) basis of “reproductive health,” and the bill’s lead cheerleader, NARAL Pro-Choice California, left no doubt about its targets, drafting a supporting statement that listed exclusively religious organizations as offenders deserving punishment.

California & Constitution: Citizens’ Rights Systematically Violated – National Review.

No matter what your political party preference, those who know the Constitution know that only Congress can declare war. An imminent threat to the security of America is the only exception to this rule.

The Weekly Standard – Democratic congressman Jerrold Nadler appears to be warning President Obama in a statement released today on striking Syria. “Constitution Requires Congressional Authorization on Use of Force Against Syria,” reads the title of Nadler’s statement.

The text of the statement reads:

The Constitution requires that, barring an attack on the United States or an imminent threat to the U.S., any decision to use military force can only be made by Congress — not by the President. The decision to go to war — and we should be clear, launching a military strike on another country, justified or not, is an act of war — is reserved by the Constitution to the American people acting through their elected representatives in Congress.

Since there is no imminent threat to the United States, there is no legal justification for bypassing the Constitutionally-required Congressional authorization. “Consultation” with Congress is not sufficient. The Constitution requires Congressional authorization.

The American people deserve to have this decision debated and made in the open, with all the facts and arguments laid out for public review and debate, followed by a Congressional vote. If the President believes that military action against Syria is necessary, he should immediately call Congress back into session and seek the Constitutionally-required authorization.

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