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Another armed citizen protects the lives of others as he opens fire on a deranged patron hell bent on destruction. This type of everyday heroism by your average armed citizen goes unreported in the main street media, but good people practicing their Second Amendment rights are the best protection against those that would do others harm.

Police say 48-year-old James Jones, of Grand Prairie, walked into the bar and started yelling incoherently. “He was saying, ‘Oh, who worked for the cartel?'” the witness said.

As Perez approached him to calm him down, police say Jones fatally shot him in the face and chest. It was then, police say, a customer who was carrying a concealed gun returned fire on the suspect, killing him.

The restaurant has what the Texas Alcoholic Beverage Commission calls a “blue sign,” indicating that concealed handgun license carriers can indeed carry concealed weapons in their establishment.

“We don’t have any plans to charge him,” said Lt. Chris Cook, and Arlington police spokesman.

Cook said that man’s actions likely saved other lives. Police say Jones had a second loaded handgun in his pocket, as well as two knives. They also said the second handgun had its serial number scratched off, which could indicate it was stolen.

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Our Second Amendment rights, according our US Constitution, “shall not be infringed”. Wouldn’t requiring legal firearm owners to be fingerprinted, photographed, provide proof of address, and pay a registration fee be considered “infringing”? Take a stand with The Proservative® Group against Second Amendment violations and become a member today.

Washington Times – Re-registration is an assault on the Second Amendment

The 1,800 or so criminals who have killed, robbed or assaulted innocent people in the District of Columbia so far this year were hauled into the police station to be fingerprinted, photographed and forced to undergo a criminal-background check. Now legal gun owners who have committed no crime are getting the exact same treatment. It’s not fair.

The latest gun-control scheme that starts on Jan. 1 will force every legal firearm owner in the nation’s capital to go in person to police headquarter to renew their registration certificates.

The Metropolitan Police Department filed proposed rules last week, and citizens have until Dec. 15 for comment. To avoid becoming a felon, anyone with a gun registered before 2011 will have to go to police headquarters to be fingerprinted, photographed, provide proof of address, pay a fee and confirm they may still legally possess the firearm. The Firearms Registration Section will then create a new registration certificate — now in the form of an ID card — for each gun.

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It is proven time and time again that when law-abiding citizens are armed, crime is reduced as a result. A brave pastor from Indiana excerises his second-amendment right to protect himself from a would-be robber – A pistol-packing pastor helped foil a stick-up when he pulled his handgun on a man trying to rob an Indiana discount store Friday night, police said.

Pastor Carl Sanders, who has a permit to carry a firearm, managed to hold the suspect at the Dollar General Store in Evansville on the until police arrived.

Evansville Police said Jermaine Dewayne Marshall, 25, walked into the store and, with a bandanna over his face and an unknown object wrapped in plastic in his hand, demanded money from a worker at the register. The employee refused.

“Marshall tells the individual again to open the register and points this object he’s trying to pass off as a firearm at the employee,” said Capt. Andy Chandler of the Evansville Police Department.

When the clerk refused again, Marshall struck him several times in the face.

That’s when Pastor Sanders walked into the store.

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