Father Baby Parents Child Hand Sweet InfantGovernment is at it again trying usurp the rights of parents to raise their children as the parents see fit. The case of baby Charlie Gard shows to just what extreme those in government will go to to ensure there be no mistake who the government believes ultimately has authority over your children: the government. Charlie’s parents, along with millions of supporters whose numbers grow daily, are fighting back this abuse of government power and let everyone know nothing trumps parental rights. We support Charlie’s parents and their efforts to save their baby’s life at any and all cost, government and courts be damned.

Washington Examiner – Charlie Gard, a London baby with a genetic disease, has captured international concern and attention as his parents continue to fight for his life amidst obstructions imposed on them by the European Courts and the London hospital where he is currently imprisoned.

Charlie’s parents want to take him to a hospital that will give him one last option. The hospital said no. Then the European courts said no. As I write this, the courts have decided to hear the case again to decide what is in Charlie’s best interests, despite the fact that Charlie’s parents have already decided what they want to do. But, unbelievably, they have no say. Charlie has a terminal disease, and his doctors have decided that there is nothing more to be done. Charlie is going to die. Even then, they cruelly refused the parent’s request to at least let him die at home.

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