School choice is gaining in popularity by those who truly want to improve the educational system for our children, and even PBS is beginning to see the light as our public school system continues to fail miserably. Andrew Coulson has created an important documentary shedding light on why our education “industry” has become stagnant, while in practically all other industries, quality has risen. Entrenched and special interests have selfish reasons to keep the current education status-quo, produce failing students while the cost of education skyrockets. Finally, those who have embraced the public school system in the past are now seeing the errors of a decaying institution and are seeking true solutions to getting our education system back on track, through innovative school choice actions and measures.

National Review – Paul Crookston – Your local PBS station might seem like an unlikely place to find a documentary critical of public education, but that is exactly what viewers get this week with the late Andrew Coulson’s new documentary School, Inc. The film doesn’t attack public schools. Rather, it asks why education has yet to behave like other industries have in the last 200 years or so — and why it has failed to achieve comparable gains. The three-part documentary airs around the country this week (each part has various time slots, so check your local listings here), and in it Coulson attempts to answer a narrow but important question: Why don’t education methods “scale up” to raise quality across the board, as has occurred in basically every other industry? School, Inc. approaches this simple question with a global perspective. One of the film’s key virtues, especially for education-policy non-enthusiasts, is that Coulson travels the world examining different schooling models. This turns think-tank expertise into good TV.

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