Don’t let the low pricing fool you, Gold is poised to reach new highs once again. Endless printing of paper money by the Federal Reserve is taking a toll on the value of the dollar, with the value Gold and alternative currencies, such as Bitcoin, on the rise.

MarketWatch – Gold has fallen off a cliff in the last year, going from highs of nearly $1,790 in October 2012 to about $1,280 currently — a drop of about 28%.

But judging by recent trends, it’s possible that gold has found a floor and that now is a decent time to buy.

Admittedly, there are still some big challenges for the precious metal — especially in the last week or so when prices have been steadily rolling back again. But even if investors are a bit early as they turn to gold, fears of overbought domestic stocks may make even an uncertain bet in gold a preferable alternative to some right now.

There’s risk no matter where you put your money right now. So here are some reasons the rewards from a buy into gold may outweigh those risks:

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