States Rights lead to more invidiual liberty and less federal government. Each state in our great nation is itself an experiment on how best to govern a state. By restricting a states’ rights to govern itself, the federal government is, in fact, restricting the growth of America, hindering the very competitive and entreprenuerial spirit that drives the heart of our great nation. The time has come to have a serious discussion on repealing the 17th Amendment. – ANN ARBOR, Mich. — Tea Party members want to promote states’ rights because, they believe, it will lead to less government and more individual liberty. They have even proposed repealing the 17th Amendment to the United States Constitution. The amendment, adopted in 1913, provides for direct election of United States senators by popular vote. Previously, the senators were chosen by state legislatures.Letting the 50 states decide how to choose their senators whether by appointment, or indirect or direct election would be wise — but not necessarily for the reasons the Tea Party gives.Tea Partiers assume that senators chosen by the states would automatically thwart federal power. But it’s possible that these senators would be just as friendly to taxation and regulation as the current ones.While states’ rights have like the Tea Party been historically associated with preservation of a conservative social order, that association might be changing. That is, states might in some areas better protect civil rights and liberties than the national government.

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