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A Proservative® is:

  • 1. PRO-Life
    Protecting the Life of the Unborn from the Moment of Conception
  • 2. PRO-Family
    The Family is the Cornerstone of American Society, Valued Above All Else
  • 3. PRO-Constitution
    Support, Defend Against All Enemies, Foreign and Domestic
  • 4. PRO-Second Amendment
    The Right to Keep and Bear Arms for Self-Defense
  • 5. PRO-Lower Taxes
    In Favor of Cutting and/or Eliminating Taxes Wherever Possible
  • 6. PRO-Limited Government
    Deriving Their Powers from the Consent of the Governed
  • 7. PRO-Strong National Defense
    Support Military, Protect Freedoms, Secure Borders
  • 8. PRO-States Rights
    States Authority Over All Matters Not in Article I of the U.S. Constitution
  • 9. PRO-Fiscal Discipline
    Require Governments to Maintain a Balanced Budget
  • 10. PRO-Free Markets
    Eliminate Burdensome Regulation or Control by Government or Monopolies
  • 11. PRO-School Choice
    Allow Parents to Choose How Best to Educate Their Child
  • 12. PRO-Property Rights
    Oppose Eminent Domain Abuses, Cut and/or End Property Taxes
  • 13. PRO-Sound Money
    Allow Competition in Currencies, Gold & Silver as Legal Tender